Head, Torso & Arms

Eight o’clock in the morning. Time to draw “Level 8 Female Body”.
Behind me sounds the song “Beyond My Wildest Dreams” Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris.
Two hours and felt 1000 corrections later.
The half of the exercise is done.
I would have to get faster to reach my self-imposed goal for this week.
Or I continue to draw carefully and follow my own speed.
I decide to follow my own speed, according to the suggestions for learning guitar:
“Speed comes by itself through practice”.
That can be probably also applied for drawing of comics.

My tools:
Lead Holder (2mm mechanical pencil)
2 mm Leads HB and 2B
Eraser (Staedtler eraser, Mars plastic)
Erasing Shield (stainless spring steel 60 x 93 x 0.1 mm)
Sharpener (Mine Sharpener, with collecting container)
Transparency Film, Inkjet Printer Film (for checking)
Triangle Ruler (for checking only)