Drawing Mangaka Hair

The first lesson was not just about drawing Mangaka Hair, at least for me.
It was also a my first experience with drawing on a screen tablet.
I’m using Version 4.2.5 of Procreate on iPad Pro 2018 11.9 (iOS 12.1.4) with the Apple Pencil.
I’m still experimenting with the right drawing tools.
Currently I use for brush and eraser the Ink Pen, Brush Size 1{f5e3bb18f72570ffadf2b6999e5b27b6d6ba0bb17d65777c685ce0f548f58a0e}.
Some features of Procreate I don’t know, or they are not available.
These are e.g. Magic Wand Tool and Crop Tool.
Until Photoshop for iPad s is available, I use my Photoshop on the PC for features which don’t work with Procreate.
It’s a bit tricky to work on two systems, but it works.
The file is stored in the iCloud and will be up- and downloaded to Procreate or Photoshop.