Drawing Course „Rogue Mangaka”

„Rogue Mangaka” is a drawing course for people who like to draw and to improve their drawing skills.
The online course „Rogue Mangaka” can be found at http://www.2danimation101.com/index.html

My first video performance

I owe this video appearance of mine to Mark, my “Rouge Mangaka” teacher.
In the forum for the course I expressed enthusiasm.
The result was, Mark asked me to create a video testimonial.

I never did anything like this before.
Many self-doubts had to be overcome:”I can not do that, … etc !”.
But the curiosity was bigger to find out if I can do it.
Viewed critically, I think that my performance could be improved

I’m working on it

The video below is from Mark and therefore really professional.
The “Rouge Mangaka” course is explained in detail.