My first animatic
An Animatic, also called Story Reel, is a filmed storyboard. The single images of the storyboard are combined into one movie.
This video was created with the help of Mark Diaz. I signed up for the “Rogue Animator” class.
Mark explained to me all the steps for creating the animation: “Justice was served”, in German: “Der Gerechtigkeit wurde gedient”.
On March 15, 2018, I started the Online-Training. On April 30, 2018, I was able to publish my video.

The summery of the feedback:
1. Change the timing, and for that, you need to add voice acting.
2. The current problem right now, is that it is taking a lot of time between lines of dialog. One character says something, then there is a very long pause, and then the other character answers. It doesn’t feel like a normal conversation, and the music is so relaxed.
3. I would remove the music when the scene starts, and maybe enter more music after the agent arrests the woman.